Uluslararası Denizyolu Taşımacılığı Nedir?

International maritime transport is the name of the transport operations that enable the transportation of goods and various cargoes to different countries in international waters. After the product, goods or various cargoes are loaded on the ship, they are delivered to the relevant port and after the service ends, liner transportation transactions are carried out on delivery to the company. What are the Advantages of Maritime Transportation? Many different products, cargoes or goods can be easily shipped in the transportation services to be carried out by maritime. It is ensured that it is delivered to the relevant port without any damage by providing advantage in the transportation of especially sensitive loads. Maritime transportation services that allow the transportation of tons of cargo are also included as the most affordable transportation. Thanks to the transportation by maritime, transportation can be made up to 3.5 times of the transportation by railway and 7 times of the transportation by road. The most suitable choice in international transportation services is the maritime, the most expensive is the airline. Maritime transportation is among the most preferred transportation services in the world, as it allows the transportation of delicate products with ease, the transportation of tons of cargo, and the most affordable transportation. What are the Types of Maritime Transportation? As in our country, maritime transportation, which has an important place for the whole world, is known for having an affordable price as well as allowing the transportation of sensitive products. The most preferred maritime transportation services in the field of logistics are tramp and liner sea shipping services. Tramp transportation is expressed as the transportation of raw material products such as coal, mines and oil in international seas. Liner transportation activity is a type of maritime transportation that allows commercial activities as well as private goods to be shipped between countries. Liner transportation is offered to customers by companies and is a type of transportation that provides great advantages. 

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