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Different types of transportation are used in transportation operations. In maritime transport, which is one of the transportation types, some documents must be provided. These documents include a bill of lading. A bill of lading is the document prepared to show that the cargo has been delivered to the ship in the transport to be carried out by maritime. Waybill is also referred to as a transport document or a bill of lading. There are fields that must be on the bill of lading, that is, waybill, and must be filled in. If these fields are not filled in, there may be problems and goods may not be delivered. What is included in the Bill of Lading? There are fields on the bill of lading, also known as the waybill, that must be filled in. In addition to finding information about the contractor and the buyer, the information of the notification authority must be filled in completely. In addition to this information, the type of goods transported, the place of destination and the quantity of goods transported should be indicated. The date of signature and issuance of the document is also among the information required to be recorded on the document. At the same time, freight payment information, loading date, importer, exporter and shipper company information, material value of the goods, product information and number of the package should be included in detail in the bill of lading document. What is the Bill of Lading Feature? The document, which is also referred to as the waybill, is issued with the delivery of the cargo, while the loading bill of lading is issued for loading on the ship. The bill of lading, which is a valuable document, is the necessary document for the healthy and safe delivery of the goods. The absence of the bill of lading, which also has the feature of representing the property of the goods, can be expressed as a highly contrary situation while affecting the delivery of the goods in an undamaged manner. It is also found in the bill of lading that has the possibility of transfer in commercial activities. These bill of lading, which can be endorsed, are transferred together with the endorsement processes. Bill of lading written in the name of the company is expressed as bill of lading that cannot be endorsed. Today, thanks to the developing technology, bill of lading is also issued as an online bill of lading. In this way, paper saving time saving are achieved. 

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