Intermodal ve Multimodal Taşımacılık Arasındaki Farklar Nelerdir?

In the transportation sector, which is quite extensive, besides portable products, there are also transportation services of heavy loads that are not included in normal transportation. Multimodal and intermodal transportation are also two terms used for these heavy transport services.

Multimodal Transportation

It is the method in which more than one mode of transportation is used in transportation. Different methods are used when transferring loads from the transport unit. In the multimodal transport method, the loads are transferred from the transport unit to another unit. It is a preferred transport method especially in the transportation of bulk loads. In the multimodal transport method, a single carrier is contracted for different types of transport. Only one carrier organizes this multiple mode of transport. In other words, in this multimodal transportation system, the whole journey is not a process consisting of separate stages, but a whole system.

Intermodal Transportation

In this type of transportation, multiple transport modes are used only by transferring the transport units without transferring them from the transport unit where the loads are located to any other place. Intermodal transportation is a form of transport using two or more modes of transport with the same means of transport, i.e. without changing the unit where the load is located. In this type of transportation, more than one transportation contract is made for the transportation methods to be realized between the loading and destination addresses. It stands out as a low-cost and environmentally friendly transportation model. In addition, it is often preferred because it is a method that largely prevents the load from encountering possible logistics problems. 

Multimodal and Intermodal Transportation Differences

 The main difference between these two methods is that the transported load is transferred or not transferred from the transport unit to other units. Multiple transportation methods are used in intermodal transport with a single loading. In multimodal transportation, the loads are transferred to different units and delivered to the target point by different transport methods. · In multimodal transport, a single carrier manages the whole process, that is, a single transport contract is made, and in intermodal transport, different contracts are made for different transport modes. · In multimodal transportation; the combination of all kinds of transportation, and in intermodal  transportation; the combination of railway, highway and seaway is performed. The characteristics and differences of transport methods are the guide for choosing the right method. In addition, the properties of the load to be carried are also important in determining the correct method to be used.

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