Havayolu Taşımacılığında Kargo Türleri

Among the several types of logistics transportation, airline transportation is generally one of the most popular. Airline transportation is much faster and safer than other transportation methods. One of the most significant advantages of airline transportation is that it can quickly cross intercontinental distances and carry a large number of products. With airline cargo transportation, perishable products, high-cost cargoes, cargoes that require urgent delivery, live organs, stem cells and medical drug cargoes, live animal cargoes and cargoes containing dangerous goods can be transported.

Types of Cargo by Freight Type

In air cargo transportation, cargoes are divided into 3 as general cargo, special cargo, and dangerous goods.

General Cargoes

There is no special storage conditions in general cargoes. Products that do not require special attention and do not deteriorate are called general cargo in airline transport. The type of cargo that is of great importance among general cargoes called clean and dry cargo is textile cargoes.

Special Cargoes

Special cargoes in airline transportation are the types of cargo that require special operations and extra sensitivity in loading, transportation, unloading and storage processes. Special cargoes are one of the most preferred cargo types in airline transportation. Labelling, loading, and storage processes require certain rules during the transportation of special cargoes. Cargoes that are not certified by the sender are not suitable for airline transportation. There should be two copies of these certificates. The nature, quantity, type and information of the packaged products should be indicated with a label. Cargoes that can be considered as special cargoes are cargoes that can be damaged, heavy cargoes, diplomatic cargoes, live animals, funerals, fluid substances and valuable cargoes.

Dangerous Goods

The transport of dangerous goods in airline cargo transportation carries a high risk. It is very important that cargoes of this nature are packaged, transported, and stored correctly. Otherwise, great dangers may be encountered. Dangerous goods cargoes are products with chemical, physical or toxic properties. Therefore, products of this nature can cause serious hazards to human health and the environment. You can contact the Batı Innovative Logistics team to ensure that all your cargo reaches the shipping address quickly and safely and that the process is completed without any problems in the cargo transportation process.

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