Havayolu Taşımacılığı ile Hangi Yükler Taşınabilir?

Airline transportation is one of the most preferred methods among cargo transportation methods today. The fact that it provides a safer and faster transportation service compared to other cargo transportation methods is one of the most important reasons for its preference. In airline transportation, cargoes are divided into two. These are the types of cargo that are divided according to the type of loading and the characteristics of the cargo. Thanks to airline transportation, it is possible to carry low weight but valuable items in addition to urgent loads. Airline transportation has great advantages for long distances. During transportation, cargoes are preserved in the best way and their values are preserved.Types of Cargo in Airline TransportationGeneral Kargo; This type of cargo includes dry and clean cargoes. No special process or storage process is applied. Special Cargo; A special process involving the transportation and storage of this type of cargo is applied. In order for the cargoes included in this type to be transported by air, the shippers must have a certificate. Special cargoes are the cargoes where special rules are applied in the labelling, stacking and loading sections. The cargoes included in these can be listed as follows: Plant Species, Perishable Foods; These loads, which may deteriorate due to factors such as heat, height and pressure, undergo some processes. They are packaged in a way that prevents them from deteriorating or damaging their structure during the transportation. Packaging operations vary according to the nature of the loads to be transported. Livestock; it is necessary to take very strict regulations and measures in this type of transportation. Proper caging, labelling, positioning, feeding and temperature of the animals to be transported are important points to consider. Livestock transport in airline transportation is often preferred in terms of preventing life-threatening hazards. Wet Cargoes include loads that can produce liquids. These cargoes, which must be stacked in waterproof containers, may include fish, soft fruits, frozen foods, or shellfish. Heavy cargoes include automobiles, pipes, reels and aircraft engines. Transportation of products over a certain weight by air is the most appropriate solution in terms of not being subject to any restriction. Valuable Cargoes are cargoes that contain valuable goods and that are labelled as valuable. In this type of cargo, it should be checked in advance whether there is a restriction in the country to be transported. Hazardous Materials: these types of cargo include substances that pose a security threat and require strict control. Explosives, combustible, and toxic substances are among these cargo types. These cargoes, which are transported only by fulfilling the necessary controls and appropriate conditions, can be transported to any desired location by airline transportation. You can contact Batu Innovative Logistics, the leading brand in the sector, to ensure that your cargo reaches the delivery address in the safest and fastest way. 

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