Gemi Kiralama Hizmeti İçinde Neleri Barındırıyor?

When we look today, we see that world trade is indispensable for the needs and quality of life of humanity. In order to meet these requirements, maritime transportation provides the only mode of transportation that is valid for long distances between continents and when heavy loads need to be carried. Maritime transportation services are also divided into two as tramp and liner depending on the continuity of service. Liner transportation means regular line transportation and ships carry out transportation operations on the planned line and date. Tramp transportation, on the other hand, consisted of large weights, loads, natural gas or petroleum products. In short, tramp transportation is based on the weight of the load, and liner transportation is based on the service. There is no planned voyage in tramp transport operations, ships go to the ports where there are profitable loads and carry their loads according to the specified conditions. During this transportation service, we encounter the need for ship rental services.

What Services Does Ship Chartering Offer?

If you are receiving a ship chartering service, the agency you have agreed upon should provide some services such as finding suitable ships for you, making a transportation plan, providing the correct cargo according to the chartered ship and preparing the contracts to be made. In addition to all these, the loads should be unloaded on time and the correct load should be delivered to the right ship in time and the operation should be kept under control and the customer should be informed during these operations. Ship chartering includes a very professional, fast and safe service. This service includes the ship mooring process, loading and unloading operations. These operations must be carried out meticulously for the sake of both safety and customer satisfaction. Agents providing charter services make hundreds of charter contracts per year. To get the service that suits you, you need to hire a professional and experienced team. Experience ensures that the correct contract is provided and the conditions of the charterers are applied smoothly to the cargoes to be carried and to the ship and prevents unwanted situations. The charter service should create multiple cargo combinations according to the suitability of the cargoes and the ships should be classified according to their cargoes. Timely, scheduled and accurate connections must be established. The provision of all necessary documents during the chartering service must be provided in full. You can contact Batı Innovative Logistics with peace of mind to get a professional ship chartering service with years of experience. 

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