Flexitank Konteyner Taşımacılığı Güvenli mi?

What is Flexitank?

Flexitanks, which play a role in the transport of various loads, are types of packaging with one or more layers produced with polyethylene material. Their volume is up to 24,000 litres and they can fit in a standard-size freight container. Flexitanks, which are suitable for single use, can be heated or frozen according to the type of loads. Flexitanks are cheaper and lighter than barrels and tanks. Their disposable property prevents quality loss. Flexitanks suitable for recycling are manufactured in accordance with all health and safety regulations. The biggest advantage is that it is easy to use and quick to install. Flexitanks are used for the optimal use of cargo and this method brings low cost. 

What are the Advantages of Flexitank Container Transportation?

Flexitank container transportation provides high efficiency as it is resistant to external factors and liquid substances. Therefore, vegetable oils, beverages are preferred primarily in the transport of non-hazardous liquid substances. Load capacities, filling speeds and low fixing costs allow flexible tanks to be affordable. Although it is disposable, it is a great advantage for flexitanks to be suitable for recycling. Flexitank container transportation allows the safe transportation of substances that may cause environmental pollution. The ability to carry high-capacity products offers efficiency and cost advantages, so it is often a preferred logistics method. Since there is no shortage of stock, it can be provided quickly. Teams carrying out flexitank container transportation plan and arrange the necessary documents on behalf of the customers during the entire transportation process. Recipients need only to check and print the prepared drafts. Thus, flexitank transportation provides operational convenience to people. Institutional processes of flexitanks are carried out within the framework of quality and control procedures. Loads are subject to inspection and insured. In this way, assurance is provided for the products transported. In order to provide transportation to the locations in many areas of the world, trading transactions can be made easily, and all markets can be dominated. Flexitank container transportation provides logistical convenience and can be used as a permanent or temporary storage area. For detailed information about the Flexitank container transportation service, you can visit the Batı Innovative Logistics website and contact us.

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