Dünya Konteyner Limanları Nelerdir?

Container port is the name given to ports located in many parts of the world where container units are loaded and unloaded. Containers travel around the world and are traded in a different port every day. Freight transportation with containers is largely carried out by sea. That's why there are container ports all over the world. These ports are one of the most important parts of international trade.  The "teu" criterion is used when specifying the loading capacity of ports worldwide. Each 20'' container is considered as' '1 teu' '. The sum of the containers loaded in the same port for 1 year with teu unit shows the commercial density of that port. 7 of the top 10most heavily loaded ports are located in China. This rate is a serious indicator of China's export capacity. When we look at the largest ports in the world, China is on the list, but there are ports of 25 different countries. Istanbul Ambarlı port is ranked 48th in the list as the only Turkish port.Countries with container ports in the world can be listed as follows;
 China- Singapore - South Korea - Arabia - Netherlands - Malaysia - Belgium - Germany - United States -Japan -Thailand -Vietnam -Indonesia- Sri Lanka- Spain-      India-      Philippines – Egypt - Panama - Greece - Turkey - Malta - Canada

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