Denizyolu Taşımacılığında Neler Taşınabilir?

When it comes to freight transportation, it is possible to carry out transportation with different alternatives such as road, rail, maritime and airline. While choosing among these transportation methods, the distance to be travelled and the price are taken into consideration. If there is an international trade, the right choice among these options will be maritime transportation. Thanks to maritime transportation, you can easily carry many loads and do your transportation work at affordable prices. Thanks to maritime transportation, you can send your cargo to ports all over the world at affordable prices with all container types. In this way, you can both profit from transportation costs and earn more money from the cargo you send. We have the opportunity to transport easily to any country that has a port by sea. For countries that do not have a port, transportation can be made through a country that is close to that country and has a port. Since there are seas on all three sides of our country, shipping to countries with ports by road, rail or airline will cause more costs. In addition, while heavy loads cannot be transported with these methods, there is no problem in the transportation of heavy loads by sea and loads can be transported easily. Batı Group, which is the most suitable company for maritime transport, provides you with many advantages both in terms of price and weight of the cargo, but some companies are transporting with their reliable and unstable containers. In this case, the loads are damaged during transportation. In order to avoid such situations, you will need a reliable company when you decide to carry your loads by maritime. The Batı Group can meet your need for a reliable company, and you can carry your load without any grievance. Thanks to Batı Group, the cargoes you will carry by maritime are safely packaged and loaded on board. In addition, while your cargo is being transported with the ship, it will be easily tracked, reports will be created and the documents created as a result of the reports will be sent to you online. In this way, after you entrust your load to us, you will be able to easily access all the details during transportation. With Batı Group, you can benefit from all these advantages provided to you and have your cargo carried wherever you want.

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