Denizyolu Taşımacılığı Terimleri

The development of maritime transportation is of great economic importance for every country. Since maritime transport is in an international business area, the terms used do not differ in every language. These terms include the main headings that have many sub-terms. Some specific criteria were used when selecting terms. The terms used in loading and unloading operations are chosen from the relevant abbreviations and special names. At the same time, there are also terms related to the ports where sea transport is carried out. The terms regarding freight are related to the material size of the transactions and are named accordingly. If we look at the terms of maritime transportation in headings; SHIPOWNER: ship owner, carrier. AGENCY: The organization that acts on behalf of the shipowner in any port and acts as its representative. NVOCC: “Non-Vessel Operating Common Carrier”. FORWARDER: Organizer company with an active agency network that carries out road, air, sea, railway transportation, customs clearance, and insurance services. CO-LOADER: The company or person that conducts transportation by consolidating the loads of other forwarders with its own load. BILL OF LADING(B/L): Maritime waybill. Master B/L (Master Bill of Lading) House B/L (Intermediate Bill of Lading) CHARTER CARRIAGE: It is the carriage made by leasing the ship in whole or in part. CHARTER PARTY: It is the name given to the contract made between the carrier and the shipper. BULK LOADING: Bulk loading in conventional freight transportation. BROKER: Broker who mediates between the shipowner and the shipper. RO-RO TRANSPORT: Transportation by vehicle, trailer, or container ships. LOADING-UNLOADING TERMS FREE IN (FI): The cost of loading at the port FREE OUT (FO): The cost of unloading at the port LINER IN (LI): The cost of loading belongs to the shipowner LINER OUT (LO): The cost of unloading belongs to the shipowner STUFFING: Stacking, the load to the container docking UNSTUFFING: Emptying the container STEVEDORING: Loading and unloading the ship PORT TERMS STORAGE: The name given to the storage / warehouse in the port. DEMURRAGE: If the vessel exceeds the loading and unloading time given to it or if the cargo waiting in the container is not cleared from customs before the given time. FREE TIME: Free time. The amount of time the load can wait without entering the demurrage. Demurrage is applied at timeout. THC: (Terminal Handling Fee) PROVISIONAL ACCEPTANCE: In accordance with the customs legislation in Turkey, containers have the status of goods subject to customs. For this reason, it is the customs clearance cost incurred if a container is removed from the customs area in the port or brought back to the port. FREIGHT TERMS CAF: (Currency Adjustment Factor) Inclusion of fluctuations in the US dollar in freight. BAF: (Bunker Adjustment Factor) Inclusion of fluctuations in fuel oil prices in overseas transports to a certain extent in freight Primage: The additional fee that the shipowner, who is usually used in export freight from Turkey, sets to reduce the risk. WAR RISK SURCHARGE (WRS): Additional charge charged to freight on voyages to war-risk ports. HIGH CUBE SURCHARG: Additional charge for high cube container. IMCO CHARGE: Additional charge requested by the shipowner for the transportation of dangerous goods. MARINE IMPORT and EXPORT TERMS: Actual Time of Arrival ATB: Actual Time of Berth ATS: Actual Time of Sailing BAF: Bunker Adjustment Factor CAF: Currency Adjustment Factor CFCost & Freight: Up to the time the seller arrives at the container discharge port. Freight and Transportation costs belong to the seller. CIFCost: (Insurance & Freight) The responsibility of the seller is until the container arrives at the discharge port. Freight, Insurance and Transportation costs belong to the seller. CMC: (Container Movement Control) It is the system that tracks the containers, performs demurrage calculations, and detects empty/full container information. ETA: Estimated Time of Arrival ETB: Estimated Time of Berthing ETS: Estimated Time of Sailing EXWEx-Works: Seller's responsibility is up to factory delivery. Freight and other costs are paid by the buyer. FCL: (Full Container Load) Indicates that the container is occupied by a single vendor/manufacturer FI-FOFree In – (Free Out) Loading and unloading charges are not included in the freight. The FI-LOFree In- (Liner Out) Loading fee is not freight-distributed. Evacuation fee is included in the freight. FOB: (Free on Board) The responsibility of the seller is until the container is loaded on the deck of the ship. The freight is paid by the buyer. FOT: (Free on Truck) The responsibility of the seller is until the container is loaded on the truck or on the trucks. The freight is paid by the buyer. LI-FOLiner In- (Free Out) Loading fee is included in the freight. Evacuation fee is not included in the freight. LI-LOLiner In- (Liner Out) Charges for loading and unloading are included in the freight. POD: Port of Delivery POL: Port Of Loading THC: (Terminal Handling Cost) Stacking and handling charges at the port.

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