Denizyolu Taşımacılığı Nasıl Gerçekleştirilir?

If you want a product that you produce or want to send to be delivered to a different country, you can choose options such as maritime, airline, road. One of the most popular transportation options preferred today is maritime transportation. Maritime transportation carries out the transfer process between the ports over the sea, ensures that the products are delivered to the desired place at the desired time and transported smoothly. Maritime transportation requires professionalism. International transactions and delivery processes should be meticulously controlled by professional teams. The slightest mistake that can occur can lead to huge damages and losses. There are two types of maritime transportation as scheduled and non-scheduled. 1/4 of the world's foreign trade rate is realized by scheduled maritime transportation. The reason for this is that the cargoes carried in scheduled maritime transportation are very valuable and scheduled transport is carried out more regularly and with higher quality than non-scheduled transportation. In maritime transportation, all materials that can be kept in the container can be transported. In this transport sector, it is preferred to transport products whose speed factor is not very important.

What Steps Are Followed?

Correct Transport Type Selection is divided into more than one categories within maritime transportation. These types can be listed as tanker transportation, Ro-Ro transportation, container transportation, integrated transportation and bulk cargo transportation. All types of transportation have different characteristics and offer different advantages in terms of the products transported. It is necessary to make the most accurate decision about the transportation according to the characteristics of the products. Attention should be paid to the procedures applied. In order to carry out the transportation process in a healthy way, all local and national procedures must be mastered and acted accordingly. It is a priority to ensure that the necessary documents and permits are obtained in advance and the process is completed smoothly. Maritime transportation, which consists of many different stages in professional team work, is successful thanks to professionals who have knowledge and constantly follow the status of the products while all transactions are being made. During the transportation process, there are many details such as the delivery time of the products, storage conditions and how to deliver them. Professionals are must in the process, as incorrect and incomplete information will bring many great negativities. Transportation of Products in the Most Appropriate Conditions; In order for all the products to be transported to reach the delivery point safely and undamaged, they must be stored under the most suitable conditions and the most appropriate mode of transport must be applied. Appropriate storage areas have to be created according to each product type. Fragile products should be positioned securely and placed in such a way that they do not come into contact with any products. In addition, labeling and informing of the stacked products should be done. During loading and unloading, all rules must be followed and great care must be taken.

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