Proje Taşımacılığının Temel Kuralları

It is ensured that project transportation service is utilized in the realization of transportation activities within the scope of project design. Certain arrangements are made regarding the transportation to be carried out in the transportation of cargo and goods that are out of the standards. The project transportation service, which is shaped in line with the demands of the customer, is planned and carried out specifically for the load. The basic rules in the project transportation services are healthy, safety delivery on time. If the required delivery is not made according to the determined rules, serious damages may occur. In addition to acquiring the transportation products that may be needed, such as vehicles and trailers suitable for the transportation of cargoes, it is extremely important to make the necessary adjustments within the ship shipment and to obtain their permits. The ideal planning and implementation of risk management is among the important points in the field of project transportation. All details such as accident, damage, impact that may occur during the provision of the project transportation service are examined and planning should be made accordingly. The key point in these processes is insurance. The absence of insurance means that the cost is paid by the company, and in case of possible damage, serious financial difficulties may be faced. Many different loads or goods can be transported with the transportation services, which are also referred to as project cargo transportation. Which Loads are Transported by Project Transportation? With the project transportation services, goods or loads that do not comply with the standards or have a size a are transported to the new address. This group includes a wide range from steam and gas turbines to tanks and pressure vessels. In addition, different loads such as pipelines, power plants, heat boilers, dryers, chimneys, factories, transformers, and steel furnaces can be transported. Each project transportation service is examined in detail and service is provided. As the name suggests, a special project where all risk management is obtained from the project cargo transportation service and details are included is opened and then service procurement is ensured to be benefited. Services such as assembly or disassembly are provided according to customer demand. 

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