Proje Kargo Taşımacılığı İçerisinde Hangi Hizmetleri Barındırır?

All companies providing logistics services consider all the transportation, storage, or distribution activities they undertake as a general project work. Each project has its own planning, budget, phases and time constraints. For this reason, the logistics sector is distributed in many different areas of expertise. Project cargo transportation is the transportation of heavy loads that are not in standard dimensions from one place to another with the help of applications other than standard applications. Such items are usually materials or equipment required for special factory, mine, energy, construction, infrastructure services, etc. The most important concept in project cargo transportation is time. For the realization of large projects, the loads should be delivered to the desired point as soon as possible and in the most undamaged and safe way. Missing, damaged or late delivered loads to the specified addresses may cause large financial losses. For this reason, the project cargo transportation should be carried out by experienced companies with expert staff and complete quality certificates.

Services Provided in Project Cargo Transportation

Planning and arranging before transportation, obtaining road permits, supplying technical equipment for the transportation process, local information, foreign trade support, transportation of heavy loads, storage and unloading of heavy cargoes, maintenance of all processes in a turnkey manner, tracking of customers' orders, packing, and securing cargoes, optimal storage, crane services, insurance and document exits are among the services provided in project cargo transportation. All companies engaged in project cargo transportation should have an experienced and dynamic staff. Suitability of the equipment and vehicles to be used for transportation, knowledge of the procedures of the countries to be delivered, road analysis and time management are ensured by professional staff. It is also important for companies to have engineering knowledge about different geographies in project cargo transportation. Some projects in project cargo transportation can be carried with more than one transportation technique. In such cases, companies should explain all options directly with their customers in detail. With Batı Innovative Logistics, you can perform your project cargo transportation operations professionally, with expert staff and with confidence. For detailed information, visit the Batı Innovative Logistics website. 

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